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[NOTE: This is a translation of an article originated from my personal blog; it talks about my very first felted toy project and the premices of Monster Pie.]

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with needle felting to kill some time; I had supplies in my wardrobe for two years, I thought it would be a good idea to try that one more time. I didn’t know what to felt, so I asked my boyfriend, who immediately answered “A TOTORO!!!”.

So I started by doing the small white one, which I finished in about three/four hours (I was very proud for a first project). But as it is my boyfriend’s birthday soon, I wanted to surprise him; without him knowing, I ordered more wool. When the package came, I immediately started working and this time it took me more than two entire days to finish my project.

I’m really happy for two reasons; the first one being that my boyfriend was very surprised and in love with his gift (and it’s well worth a couple of needle stings :D). The second is that it makes me feel sooo great to at least FINISH something. This is a problem that I have since quite a lot of time, and I would go much further in general in my everyday life if I was more implicated in my work.
So anyway, I’m really thinking about opening an Etsy shop if I can produce an original collection…

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