This is goodbye!

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Hi! :)

Today was the first time a Monster Pie plush ever left the workshop for a new home… I felt a bit emotional, actually, but it’s a first big step and I enjoyed so much the look on the face of her new owner when she discovered her! Worth it a thousand times.

Here she is; Pétronille #1 (the #0 being the original ones I keep at home for a reference). She is made out of Merino wool, as opposed to most of the other ones who are made of a slightly thicker wool; it makes her feel so soft and squishy!

Bye, Pétronille!
Thanks a lot Ros, I’m so happy you like her ;)

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  1. Mum Ottoki
    | Reply

    Coucou ma grande,

    Ton site est super et tes peluches plaisent beaucoup aux thermomixeuses…(va voir sur ma page FB)…
    Ce serait encore mieux si on pouvait, nous, la voir en français….Tu peux-tu l’faér ??? Gros becs de mamounette !

    • Zeuh
      | Reply

      C’est prévu! Bisous :)

  2. Mum Ottoki
    | Reply

    Hé oui, j’espère que Pétronille se sentira bien dans sa nouvelle demeure ! Il faut encore tout plein d’autres Pétronille ! Merci pour le widget “language”…ça fonctionne bien ! Bisous ma grande !

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