One more in the family

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Hiya! :D

Hope everything’s okay for you in that time of the year, I’m taking advantage of this post to wish you a merry Christmas to you all; I hope you have all been spoilt! I’ve been: the Boyfriend gave me awesome books and with some of my Christmas money I treated myself to a cute little crochet hook set and yarn (yep yep crochet is so cool). I already made a few projects, I will show you later on (or you can also check my Instagram!)
So here’s the reason for the title: I finished a third one of those cuties and I wanted to introduce her to you; her name is Salomé and SHE IS A UNICOOOORN *celestial  singing and trumpets*.

It feels real good to see that all this work is starting to pay off, I’m going to make a couple more of different kinds and will sell them soon! Yaaay it’s going to be awesome!

There you go, happy new year in advance, hope you like it ;) May a chocolate and happiness rain fall upon you for new year’s eve!

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