Mini loom tutorial

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Hey :)

Today I have a cool DIY project for you. I wanted to try out weaving, so I needed a loom, like right now! I’m a bit crafty, so I started by looking up how those work by watching videos… I came up with this nice little project! Let’s get started.

Here’s what you will need for this homemade loom; this is made with things you can find at home!


  • Something to protect your working surface, like a cutting mat
  • A picture frame, of any size you want; you can build it but I had already one :)
  • Some solid cardboard
  • Some solid thread
  • Some way of measuring stuff
  • A pen or a pencil
  • Scissors and/or a cutter


Optional step: Decorating the frame with yarn, paint… I chose this because the frame had lots of imperfections, this way it looks like new!


Armed with scissors or a cutter, cut pieces of cardboard the size of the width of the frame. Measure and cut at regular intervals; I made 24 notches but everything depends on the size of your frame. Be careful though: it HAS to be an even number.


Assemble the cardboard pieces on either side of the frame, with strong thread so they cannot move, on the sides and the middle (I forgot to do it on the photo).


And there you are! You’ve got yourself a nice homemade loom perfect for small projects; you’ve just got to decide what to do with it now! Here I used some handspun yarn, some roving and some commercial yarn to create this ornament :)

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