Bye bye, Salomé!
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Hey! Today, a pretty little Salomé flew away to New Caledonia, where her owner is waiting for her :) This one is a custom order, it’s always a pleasure to craft something unique for someone so if you’ve got something … Read More

Mini loom tutorial
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Hey :) Today I have a cool DIY project for you. I wanted to try out weaving, so I needed a loom, like right now! I’m a bit crafty, so I started by looking up how those work by watching … Read More

Blue Pétronille for adoption!
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Hi everyone! I hope you like what’s in the shop so far; I have another one up for adoption today, it’s a blue Pétronille! She was really fun to make, I’m happy about her; I hope she finds a new home … Read More

The shop is now open
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I am proud to announce that the Monster Pie shop is officially open! It has been such a great journey so far, but actually it has just began… Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this past few … Read More

New Salomé (soon for adoption!)
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Hi all! It has been a while, I apologize for that; I have been busy with commissionned work :) But I’m not coming back empty-handed, because I have a new girl to show you; this is Salomé #1, the first … Read More

Artist Spotlight #2: Hine Mizushima
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Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Today I wanted to talk to you about another very inspiring artist for me, especially because her creations are needle felted for the most part; it’s the very creative Hine Mizushima! She … Read More

This is goodbye!
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Hi! :) Today was the first time a Monster Pie plush ever left the workshop for a new home… I felt a bit emotional, actually, but it’s a first big step and I enjoyed so much the look on the … Read More

Artist Spotlight #1: Shing Yin Khor
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So here I want to start blogging about artists that inspire me in my everyday life; artists whose art I would buy in the blink of an eye. I discovered Shing Yin Khor (a.k.a. Sawdust Bear) yesterday, as part of … Read More

One more in the family
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Hiya! :D Hope everything’s okay for you in that time of the year, I’m taking advantage of this post to wish you a merry Christmas to you all; I hope you have all been spoilt! I’ve been: the Boyfriend gave … Read More

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Hiya :) I already talked about it a couple of times (and those who follow me on Instagram already had a small preview), but here’s some details. I’m going to open an Etsy shop, to sale homemade plushes and brooches … Read More

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