My needle felting toolset
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I’ve been felting for a couple of years now, and figured out what I like to work with or not; I narrowed it down to a couple of tools, so I thought I would share with you my own setup!   … Read More

Sanding booth tutorial
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Hey :) Happy new year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festivities :) I guess some of you have already done some sanding or other messy activity. My problem during winter, is that my workshop in the attic is not … Read More

Tis the season!
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Léopoldine the shrew!
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Léopoldine often falls asleep during the day… while walking for example. Because of that, she often puts herself in danger that she is not even aware about, and wakes up with a bump on her head without knowing why. Meet … Read More

And the winner is…
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Hey :) I drew the winner this morning with First of all: THANK YOU Enough with the talking, here is the winner *drumroll*: (on the right, my fab list, on the left the screenshot of the website with the little … Read More

Salomé brooch giveaway!
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Hey! :) So I’m having a big shop update today that I’ve been working on for almost a month! I hope you are as excited as me, because to celebrate I thought I would give one of those babies to … Read More

Brooches in the shop!
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Hey :) Today I give you a rendez-vous on my shop for a big update! I made nine brooches for you I also have a big surprise for you: you can enter my giveaway to win one of these pretty … Read More

Brooches WIP
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Hey :) Here is some eye candy for your patience! I’m getting there slowly and hopefully will be able to list some pretty cool things in the shop this week! Also I have a suprise for you when I’m finished with … Read More

Théophile brooches
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Hey :) Here’s what I’m working on at the moment: I’m preparing a series of brooches for you! There will be nine ready to adopt: three for each of my little monsters (Théophile, Pétronille et Salomé). Hope you will like it … Read More

Blending board tutorial
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Hey :) Today I have an awesome project to show you! I made my own blending board, which is a tool for fiber preparation in order to spin or felt. With this tool, you arrange fibers to make batts or … Read More

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