Artist Spotlight #2: Hine Mizushima

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Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Today I wanted to talk to you about another very inspiring artist for me, especially because her creations are needle felted for the most part; it’s the very creative Hine Mizushima!

She lives in Canada and is such a great artist; what inspires me the most about her work is that she is also an animator! Check out that cute video she made for an Etsy contest!

It opens me to lots of possibilities, because my boyfriend is also an animator; we are already talking about me making puppets for animation! Wouldn’t it be just awesome?

She also makes great sculptures, her art is revolving around squids and invertebrates in general, japanese monsters, or small living organisms like parameciums. Her humanoid sculptures, mostly girls, remind me a lot of another japanese artist I love, Junko Mizuno (I have a good couple of her comic books). Hine’s art also includes thread, fabric; she makes small and cute furniture for her sculptures… Now I want to try stop motion; too many things to learn!! Someone stop me!!

Go visit her website:

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  1. Mum Ottoki
    | Reply

    Trop trop chouette !!! Bisous bisous !!!!

  2. Mon Amie Koumori
    | Reply

    Hiné est une maître-feutreuse, son univers est juste incroyable!!

    • Zeuh
      | Reply

      Oulah oui, je l’aime d’amour <3 J'adore ses petites vidéos en plus!

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