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Coming soon: Beetle Girl
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I’m happy to present to you Beetle Girl, my new toy design! I will update you with some more information on the release soon, so keep your eyes peeled ;) In the meantime, enjoy these progress photos: I sculpted the … Read More

Hug Shrew!
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I was making some Louies the other day, and my mind was lingering an bit; so I was sketching that cute little shrew one evening, and I thought it could be great to make some out of resin. They are like a … Read More

Making silicone molds for Louie
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I’m super excited right now! I just finished making my first silicone molds for Louie, and I thought I would share my process with you. I made lots of errors but I know for next time :) I started by … Read More

New supplies!
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It’s been a while that I wanted to make something out of resin! About 6 years ago I stumbled upon the ball-jointed doll community (bjd), and I realised that lots of French artists were making their own: Lillycat, Dust of … Read More

New project: Louie
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Lately I’ve been wanting to try out something a bit different of what I usually make. Following people like Amanda Spayd showed me that your body of work doesn’t have to be restricted to one technique; and I’ve always been so … Read More

Happy Birthday Monster Pie Toys!
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  It has been such a great journey. My first year as a sculptor brought me so much! A year ago today I opened my Etsy shop and listed my first items. I’ve had so much fun creating new things, … Read More